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At Hydramatic (Somerset), online security is our highest priority and we are committed to ensuring the protection of details and information supplied to us by our customers.

When you register to use our site, access your online account or proceed to the checkout, your browser will automatically go into a secure mode. This secure mode is activated due to our site supporting 128 bit encryption technology which is illustrated by a locked padlock icon in the grey bar at the bottom of the screen.

The encryption technology used by this site is SSL or Secure Socket Layer. SSL is the accepted protocol which creates a secure channel for transmitting data. As the data passes between the browser and the website server it is encrypted, creating billions of code combinations. This prevents anyone else from viewing your personal information on the internet.

Your online account information is password protected so we recommend that you do not disclose it to anyone else. Access to our user's personal information is restricted in our office and we do not know the password that you log-in with. If you forget your password we can reset it for you but we always advise that you then log back in and change it.

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